Emily Zhu

Emily Zhu


Date of Birth
May 4, 2004
Richmond Hill, Ont.
Home Club
National Pines Golf Club
High School
Years on Team

Emily Zhu makes her return to Team Canada after a successful first year in the program. The Richmond Hill, Ont., native had a strong 2019 campaign highlighted by wins at the Canadian Junior Girls Championship and the AJGA Natural Resource Partners Bluegrass Junior. Zhu also notched two runner-up finishes at the 2019 Ontario Women's Amateur Championship and the 2019 Duke of York Young Champions Trophy and a runner-up finish in the junior girls’ division. She has represented Canada at the past three World Junior Girls Championships.

Q & A

Q: What are some of your nicknames?

Em, Zookeeper/Zhu-keeper

Q: How did you get into golf?

I got into the game of golf when my dad introduced it to me back when I was around 5 years old.

Q: How do you mark your golf ball?

I have a red line going across the top of the ball, sort of connecting the two “Titleist” logos. I also have a small red “E” underneath my ball number

Q: Do you have any siblings, If so, how old?

I have a younger brother, Andre Zhu. He is 13 years old.

Q: What was the last book you read?

The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini for my English class

Q: Who would you play in a movie about your life?


Q: What is something most people don’t know about you? Any hidden talents?

I unintentionally collect tees everywhere I go.

Q: What exercise do you dread the most?

I don’t really have an exercise that I dread more than others.

Q: What was the last picture that you took on your phone?

Two cats I saw at a cat cafe.

Q: What is the best thing about your hometown?

The diversity and open-mindedness everyone has.

Q: Do you have any superstitions?

I find patterns in everything. Especially on the golf course when I am finishing out a putt. I have been trying to stop myself from believing in the patterns I find unless they help comfort me.

Q:What is the most surprising thing in your golf bag?

I don’t think I really have anything too surprising. I have a pouch that has a ton of tees.

Q: If you could have a walk-up song on the first tee box, what would it be?

Red by Jackson Wang and ICE


  • T2 – 2019 Duke of York Young Champions Trophy
  • Champion – 2019 Canadian Junior Girls Championship
  • 2nd – 2019 Ontario Women’s Amateur Championship
  • 3rd – 2019 PGA of Canada Women’s Championship
  • Champion – 2019 Natural Resource Partners Bluegrass Junior (AJGA)
  • T8 – 2019 Junior Orange Bowl
  • T2 – 2018 Duke of York Young Champions Trophy
  • T5 – 2018 AJGA / CJGA Championship
  • T5 – 2018 FORE Performance Junior Championship (AJGA)
  • 2nd – 2018 Canadian Junior Girls Championship
  • Champion – 2018 Canadian Juvenile Girls Championship
  • 3rd – 2018 Quebec Women’s Amateur Championship
  • Champion – 2018 Golf Ontario Investors Group Junior Spring Classic



Driver: Titleist TS2
Woods: Titleist TS2
Irons: Titleist T200
Wedges: Titleist SM7
Putter: Titleist Phantom X
Ball: Titleist ProV1x