How do I apply to a championship or qualifier?

Each competitor, regardless of exempt or non-exempt status must submit an official entry through the Golf Canada registration system. You may visit www.golfcanada.ca and then click on the ‘Golf Canada Championship Schedule’ to find out more information and fill out the online application for that specific championship.

Is my Golf Canada member number my username to register for championships or qualifiers?

No, your Golf Canada member number is used to enter scores into the Golf Canada Score Centre. You will need a separate Golf Canada BlueGolf ID and password to register for championships. If this is your first time applying to a Golf Canada championship, please click on  ‘I DO NOT HAVE AN ID AND PASSWORD’ on the BlueGolf registration page. If you have registered for a Golf Canada Tournament before please use the ID you received then, or contact Akash Patel at apatel@golfcanada.ca or 1-800-263-0009 ex. 250 to retrieve your ID.

I can’t remember my Golf Canada BlueGolf ID and password to register and apply, what do I do if I’ve exhausted all options to retrieve it.

If you are unable to retrieve your Golf Canada BlueGolf ID and password online, please contact Akash Patel at apatel@golfcanada.ca or 1-800-263-0009 ex. 250.

I am an International player without a GC Member Card # and cannot find my member club in the search box. What should I do?

As an international player please enter valid GHIN number from your home State for your “GC Member Card #”. Please note, you must be a member in good standing in your home state/country with a valid handicap.

If you cannot find your club in the Member Club question, please use “Public Player” as your member club.

PGA of Canada members may also use these steps to register for tournaments.

The registration page won’t let me change my handicap, how do I change my handicap to the correct index?

Handicap changes are made internally by BlueGolf and Golf Canada staff. Closer to the tournament all handicaps will be updated to the correct index. If you wish to have your handicap changed immediately, please contact Akash Patel at apatel@golfcanada.ca or 1-800-263-0009 ex. 250.

What is a ‘Competitive History’ as asked on the registration system?

A competitive history is a formal golf resume that highlights passed competitive events to be taken into consideration once the Selection Committee has received all applications for the respective championship. For those who do not have a prior exemption, it is strongly recommended that this portion of the registration process is completed in fine detail.

The Selection Committee recommends that the past two competitive seasons be included when submitting your competitive history.

The Competitive History can be either completed through the online registration process or you may attach your resume to your online profile, by uploading the competitive history from a ‘Word’ or ‘Excel’ file.

If there are any issues with uploading your competitive history directly to your online profile, please submit your competitive history to Akash Patel at apatel@golfcanada.ca and we will upload it to your online profile.

See below for an example of a competitive history:

Name of Event Finish or Place Field Size of Championship Round by Round Scores and Total Score
2017 Future Links, driven by Acura Pacific Championship 5th 72 74-75-76 = 225

The registration system asked me for credit card information; will the entry fee be processed right away to the credit card I provided?

No, Golf Canada will only process the entry fee payment for the championship once a player has been made an ‘Active’ player in the field.

Exempt players can expect this payment to be processed shortly after they register, usually within one week of filling out the registration.

When will I know my tee time for the first two rounds of the championship?

Best effort will be made to have the draw available for all competitors up to 48 hours prior to the day of the Practice Round for each championship. Players will also receive the draw once they register, and it will be available on the Tournament Information Page online.

Is there a host hotel available for the championship?

Yes, each championship will have a host hotel. Once a player’s status is confirmed for the championship, it is recommended that sorting your hotel accommodations be one of your first priorities. The host hotel information can be found on that specific championship’s Tournament Information Page.

What is Golf Canada’s policy if I have to withdraw from a championship?

If you find you cannot compete in the championship, you must officially withdraw from the event by contacting Golf Canada’s amateur championships department at 1-800-263-0009 ext.250. Entry fees will not be refunded after the application deadline without a medical certificate. Entry fees will be refunded, less a $50 administrative fee, if Golf Canada is notified of a player’s intention to withdraw prior to the application deadline. If you do not officially withdraw, you may be subject to DISQUALIFICATION from future Golf Canada and provincial competitions.