Protect yourself from costly mishaps with the Golf Canada Equipment Guarantee.

The Golf Canada Equipment Guarantee provides you with added peace of mind. If anything should happen to your equipment, or if you accidentally damage a motorized golf cart or break a window, the guarantee program helps get you back on the course by paying your replacement costs up to $2500.

Accidently damage a golf cart while on the course?

The Golf Canada Equipment Guarantee will reimburse you for damages paid to the facility, up to $2500**.

New: Window protection!

In the event a member damages or destroys a window, Golf Canada may reimburse the him or her up to $1,000 towards the cost of repairing or replacing the window***.

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* $75 deductible applies
** $100 deductible applies
*** The Maximum amount reimbursed under this section shall be $1000 subject to a deductible of $50.  For Reimbursement, the Member must provide proof of payment for the damage to the Window and the invoice from the golf club or related party for the damages. “Window” means a window that is owned by a golf course or a window that is not owned by the Member that is situated on or near a golf course.
A Gold+ benefit. Gold+ benefits are currently only available to golfers that purchase their membership directly from Golf Canada and golfers at a small number of facilities participating in a limited roll-out of a new Golf Canada membership model.

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