Canadian Men’s Amateur Championship


There is no amateur golf championship in Canada with a richer history than the Canadian Men’s Amateur Championship. More than a century old, the Amateur was first contested as one of the newly formed Royal Canadian Golf Association’s first orders of business in 1895 at the Ottawa Golf Club. When T.M. Harley of Kingston Golf Club defeated A. Simpson of Ottawa Golf Club 7 & 5, a proud tradition of Canadian championship golf was born. Hall of Famer George S. Lyon won the Amateur an incredible eight times between 1898 and 1914 and was runner-up two more times while the inimitable Sandy Somerville made it to the match play final ten times between 1924 and 1938, capturing six championships of his own.

A match play event from the beginning, the Amateur changed to stroke play for the 1969 championship and remained that way through 1994 when it reverted to match play in honour of the RCGA’s and the championship’s centennial in 1995. The championship once again reverted to stroke play in 2008.

Inter-provincial team matches between Ontario and Quebec were first played in 1882, eventually developing into the Willingdon Cup in 1927. This team event, which pits teams from every province against each other in stroke play competition, has been played in conjunction with the Canadian Amateur since 1931 and remains one of the highlights of tournament week. The Willingdon Cup is contested concurrently during the first two rounds of stroke play in the championship.

In 2010, the Canadian Men’s Amateur Championship changed to a double field format for the first time ever.

The champion receives an exemption into next year’s RBC Canadian Open.

Past Champions

1895 T.M. Harley

1896 Stewart Gillespie

1897 W.A.H. Kerr

1898 George S. Lyon

1899 Vere C. Brown

1900 George S. Lyon

1901 W.A.H. Kerr

1902 F.R. Martin

1903 George S. Lyon

1904 Percy Taylor

1905 George S. Lyon

1906 George S. Lyon

1907 George S. Lyon

1908 A. Wilson, Jr.

1909 E. Legge

1910 Fritz Martin

1911 G.H. Hutton

1912 George S. Lyon

1913 G.H. Turpin

1914 George S. Lyon

1919 W. McLuckie

1920 C.B. Grier

1921 Frank Thompson

1922 C.C. Fraser

1923 W.J. Thompson

1924 Frank Thompson

1925 Donald D. Carrick

1926 C. Ross Somerville

1927 Donald D. Carrick

1928 C. Ross, Somerville

1929 Eddie Held

1930 C. Ross Somerville

1931 C. Ross Somerville

1932 Gordon B. Taylor

1933 Albert Campbell

1934 Albert Campbell

1935 C. Ross Somerville

1936 Fred Haas, Jr

1937 C. Ross Somerville

1938 Ted Adams

1939 Ken Black

1940-45 No Championship

1946 Henry Martell

1947 Frank Stranahan

1948 Frank Stranahan

1949 R.D. Chapman

1950 Bill Mawhinney

1951 Walter McElroy

1952 Larry Bouchey

1953 Don Cherry

1954 Harvie Ward

1955 Moe Norman

1956 Moe Norman

1957 Nick Weslock

1958 Bruce Castator

1959 John Johnston

1960 R. Keith Alexander

1961 Gary Cowan

1962 Reg Taylor

1963 Nick Weslock

1964 Nick Weslock

1965 George “Bunky” Henry

1966 Nick Weslock

1967 Stuart G. Jones

1968 Jim Doyle

1969 Wayne McDonald

1970 Allen Miller, Pensacola, FL

1971 *Richard Siderowf (Playoff win)

1972 Doug Roxburgh

1973 George Burns III

1974 Doug Roxburgh

1975 Jim Nelford

1976 *Jim Nelford (playoff win)

1977 Rod Spittle

1978 Rod Spittle

1979 Rafael Alarcon

1980 Greg Olson

1981 *Richard Zokol (playoff win)

1982 *Doug Roxburgh (playoff win)

1983 Danny Mijovic

1984 Bill Swartz

1985 *Brent Franklin (playoff win)

1986 Brent Franklin

1987 Brent Franklin

1988 Doug Roxburgh

1989 Peter Major

1990 Warren Sye

1991 Jeff Kraemer

1992 Darren Ritchie

1993 Gary Simpson

1994 *Warren Sye (Playoff win)

1995 Garrett Willis

1996 Rob McMillan

1997 *Dale Goehring (Playoff win)

1998 Craig Matthew

1999 Han Lee

2000 Han Lee

2001 Gareth Paddison

2002 Dillard Pruitt

2003 Richard Scott

2004 Darren Wallace

2005 Richard Scott

2006 Richard Scott

2007 Nick Taylor

2008 Cam Burke

2009 Cam Burke

2010 Albin Choi

2011 Mackenzie Hughes

2012 Mackenzie Hughes

2013 Eli Cole

2014 James Beale

2015 Billy Kennerly

2016 Hugo Bernard