Canadian Junior Girls Championship


With over 60 years of history, the Canadian Junior Girls Championship continues to produce top calibre players who contend years later for amateur and professional titles. Top Canadian golfers like Sandra Post, Marilyn Palmer (O’Connor) Gayle Hitchins (Borthwick) Alena Sharp, Maude-Aimée LeBlanc, Rebecca Lee-Bentham, and Brooke Henderson all saw early success at this coveted championship.

Heather Kuzmich remains the top name in the Canadian Junior Girls Championship record books by boasting four consecutive championship wins from 1981 to 1984. Kuzmich, Lisa Meldrum and the legendary Mabel Thompson are the only three women to ever accomplish a ‘four-peat’ in Canadian Women’s amateur golf history. (Mabel Thompson earned four amateur titles while Meldrum won a single junior and three amateur titles).

The Canadian Junior Girls Championship has been conducted since 1955 and has also been referred to as the CLGA National Junior Championship.

Past Champions

1955 Noreen Laing

1956 Betty Stanhope

1957 Judy Darling

1958 Gail Harvey

1959 Gail Harvey

1960 Gail Harvey

1961 Gayle Hitchens

1962 Sue Hilton

1963 Cathy Galusha

1964 Sandra Post

1965 Sandra Post

1966 Sandra Post

1967 Coreen Burnham

1968 Lynda Devine

1969 Lisa King

1970 Holly Botham

1971 Louise Larochelle

1972 Valerie White

1973 Valerie White

1974 Stacey West

1975 Pam Jones

1976 Stacey West

1977 Stacey West

1978 Michele Guilbault

1979 Rebecca Stark

1980 Audrey Bendick

1981 Heather Kuzmich

1982 Heather Kuzmich

1983 Heather Kuzmich

1984 Heather Kuzmich

1985 Audrey Bendick

1986 Jackie Twamley

1987 Marie-Josee Rouleau

1988 Kelly Doohan

1989 Sandra Haines

1990 Marie-Josee Desbiens

1991 Cheryl Mackintosh

1992 Dana Kidd

1993 Brionie Brown

1994 Anna-Jane Eathorne

1995 Karen England

1996 Salimah Mussani

1997 Karen England

1998 Salimah Mussani

1999 Alena Sharp

2000 Lisa Meldrum

2001 Christine Boucher

2002 Eom-Ji Park

2003 Anita Gahir*

2004 Inah Park

2005 Lindsay Calijouw

2006 Maude-Aimée Leblanc

2007 Laura Blanco

2008 SooBin Kim

2009 Jennifer Kirby

2010 Rebecca Lee-Bentham

2011 Jennifer Yang

2012 Brooke Henderson

2013 Maddie Szeryk

2014 Grace St-Germain

2015 Michelle Kim

2016 Naomi Ko